Powerful dua for successful in life,” if you feel that you are a complete failure in life. whatever you do in life you always fail. nothing works in your life.And if you want that you are always successful in every field of life including religion and day to day life, do this wazifa forever.
Read ya Muktadir-o ………..….Allahs name…..744 times every day.
Darood / Salavat 10 times before and after.
This is a forever wazifa.It is my experience that there is no best and fast working wazifa more than the wazaif told by our PROPHET SALLALLAH ALAIHE WASALLAM. This is also HIS wazifa for his Ummat. It is English Translation of that Hadees Sharif in which this wazifa “Dua For Success in Business Job Life” is given. Wazifa for love marriage from quran

Powerful Dua for Successful in life

“One day a Sahabi Radi ALLAH Anho came to our beloved and great PROPHET SALLALLAHU ALAIHE WASALLAM and told him that YA RASULALLAH i am very poor and world has turned its face from me, please help me in this regard. Then the PROPHET SALLALLAHU ALAIHE WASALLAM said to him that do you forget the wazifa/ wird of ANGELS, due to Barakah of which wealth and food is given to all worlds. You start reading this wird between 2 Sunnat and 2 Farz of Fajr Prayers, you will see that wealth and world will itself come to you on its head. The Sahabi Radi ALLAH Anho told that it has passed just 7 days while i wad reading that wazifa, wealth came to me in such a great number that my place become short to store that wealth
You will not need any other wazifa for anything in your life again. If you feel that someone had done magic on you to make you fail in life, the wazifa will also clean the magic.

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